Concert and Show Dates


February 12th - 21st   Caribbean  Cruise
Moved to February 3rd  2022

March 6th  Paramus, NJ

March 20th   Staten Island, NY

April 16 Roslyn LI NY
Moved to October 2nd

April 17 Lancaster PA
Moved  to April 2nd  2022

May 7th   Mahopac,  NY
Moved to May 6th 2022

May 8th  Schenectady,  NY
Moved to April 30th 2022

May Ancona, Italy
Moved to May 14-15th 2022   

June 25th   LI, NY

JULY 17 - 18   Farmingdale LI NY

July 29th  Secaucas NJ

August TBA   Alaska Cruise  (Week 1)
VIRUS Cancelled

August TBA Alaska Cruise  (Week 2)
VIRUS Cancelled

August 21-22 N/A

September 11th  Hempstead   LI NY  (hold)

September 18th  Bristol PA  (hold)

October 2nd    Roslyn  LI NY

November 2-6    Malt Shop Cruise

November 1
3th   Wilmington DE

December 3rd   SI NY

December 5th   Uniondale LI NY


February 3rd - 13th   Caribbean Cruise

April 2nd  Lancaster  PA

April 30th Schenectady  NY

May 6th  Mahopac  NY

May 14-15th   Ancora  Italy


January 18th   Jackson,   NJ

February 15th Lady Lake,  FLA.

February 16th - 23rd  Caribbean Cruise

February 23rd - March 1st   Caribbean Cruise

March 7th  Paramus,  NJ

April 4th  Schenectady, NY
VIRUS Postponed May 8th,  2021

April 18th   Lancaster PA.
VIRUS Postponed  August 8, 2020

April 19th Westbury LI NY  (Vito)
VIRUS Postponed July 12, 2020

April 24,25,26   N/A

May 8th  Mahopac, NY
VIRUS Postponed   May 7th, 2021

May 14-18th   Marche,  Italy
VIRUS Postponed    May 2021

June 5th   Westbury NY  (pvt)
VIRUS Postponed  2021

June 8-9th   Atlantic City NJ
VIRUS Postponed 2021

June 20th  Englewood,  NJ
VIRUS Cancellation

July 12, 2020 Westbury, NY  (Vito)
VIRUS  cancellation

August 8th  Landcaster , PA
Rescheduled to April 2nd 2021

August 15th  Staten Island NY  
VIRUS  Postponed to 2021

August 17 - 24  Alaska (week 1)
VIRUS Postponed 2021

August 24 - 30  Alaska  (week 2)
VIRUS Postponed 2021

September 7th   Staten Island NY
VIRUS Postponed to 2021

September 18th  NYC
VIRUS Postponed to 2021

October 3rd  Roslyn,  LI NY
VIRUS Postponed to April 16 2021

October 23, 24, 25  N/A

October 24th  Staten Island  NY
VIRUS postponed to March 20th 2021

November 1-8   Malt Shop Cruise
VIRUS Postponed to Oct. 2021

November 13 - 21  N/A

December 18th  2020   Staten Island NY
VIRUS postponement to December 3rd   2021


February 19th  Lady Lake, Fla.

February 24th -March 3rd Caribbean Cruise

March 9th   Paramus, NJ

March  23rd  Boca Raton,  Fla.  (Vito)

March 31st  Westbury, LI NY

May 4th   Brookville, LI NY
(more info)

May 17th  Holmdel, NJ  (Vito)

May 18th   Pottstown, PA

May 20-26   N/A       

June 1st  Pittsburgh, PA  (Vito)

June 5th  Wildwood, NJ

July 20th  Queens, NY (pvt)

July 28th  RI   (Vito)

August 17th Staten Island  NY

August 21- 29th  N/A

September 2nd  Staten Island NY  

September 20th NYC

September  21st  N/A

September  22  Kingston NY

October 4th  Lakewood NJ   (Vito)

October 6th   Tarrytown, NY (Vito)

October 26th  Wilkes-Barre, PA

November 2nd  Manchester,  NJ  

November 9-17 Caribbean Cruise

November    19th     Elmsford NY

November 23rd  Patchogue, LI NY
(more info)

December 7th  Staten Island
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On The Road Again